A (package) index is a repository for release metadata and release files. devpi-server allows the creation of multiple independent indices per user.
non volatile index
An index which can not be deleted or modified in a destructive manner. Typically, non volatile indexes are indexes shared amongts users part of a project or an organization. For more details see Non Volatile Indexes.
volatile index
A index that can be modified and deleted at will be its owner. On upload, release files will overwrite existing release files. A Development index is an example of volatile indexes. A volatile index normally pertains to a single user.
Access Control List
Action consisting of loading one or more release files from a file system to an index.
Action of transfering a package from one index to another.
Action of deleting a project or a specific release from an index.
release file
A release file contains a project’s artifact (.py files, etc) required for the installation. A release file is versioned. The term package is often use as well, but might be confused with a python package.
Indices have a boolean “volatile” property. If true, release files can be deleted or replaced. If False, attempts at modifications will cause an Error.