Server Status information

New in version devpi-server-2.1.0.

You can check the /+status to obtain status and configuration information about a running server:

uuid: UUID of instance
host: host this server is listening on
port: port this server is listening on
outside-url: nill|url this host is meant to be accessed from
serverdir: local path to serverdir
serial: serial of the current server state
event-serial: serial for which events have been processed

Master nodes also provide a list of replicas:

replicas: list of replica dicts each of which looks like this:
    uuid: uuid of replica server
    remote-ip: address from which replication polling happens/happened
    last-request: utc time float of last request
    in-request: True|False (currently polling or not)
    outside-url: nill|url with which the replica can be reached

Replica nodes also provide extra information related to their master:

master-url: URL of master if we are a replica master-uuid: uuid of master master-serial: last known serial the master has

UUIDs of master and replica sites

On initial startup, each devpi-server instance generates a UUID which it returns through a X-DEVPI-SERVER-UUID HTTP header. When operating as a replica, the remote master’s UUID is interally stored as well and compared for consistency on subsequent requests.